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About us

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Robo Kids STEM

Sierra House is a privately owned child development and family resource center.

In 2010 Sierra House was established as an educational consulting service offering comprehensive services to schools and youth program providers. Our services were aimed at the creation, development and improvements of a variety of program models.

Mission & Vision

Robo Kids STEM is designed to address the growing need for innovative programs that prepare youth for the future of growth in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and

We Believe Every Student Can Learn Just Not On The same Day Or In The Same Way.
– George Evans

About Our Program

Today, we have emerged as a service provider; offering out-of- school enrichment and academic support through our tutoring services, summer camps, STEM programs and social clubs. We believe all children should have access to experiences that don’t set limits, but instead creates free expression, promotes innovation and provides the most equitable learning and enrichment opportunities.

Over the past ten years, Sierra House has developed considerable expertise in integrating youth enrichment with the education process, focusing on providing academic support and extended STEM Education experiences to school-age children and career exploration and mentoring opportunities for high school students.
In 2019, Sierra House established a STEM Center, in Park Forest, Illinois to offer a range of enrichment options, with a focus on STEM education. Our goal is to provide equitable learning and enrichment opportunities and create a solid STEM education environment for school age children that works in concert with school districts.

Among several of our signature programs is Robo Kids STEM. Robo Kids STEM was established to address the growing need for innovative programs that supports schools; while providing direct service to their participants in an effort to prepare youth for the future growth in Science Technology and Engineering careers. Sierra House launched Robo Kids STEM summer of 2019.

We believe, while many schools are currently offering their version of STEM education, they cannot do it alone and require the collaboration between strategic and resourceful community partnerships. Our goal is to be one of those stakeholders.

Sierra House PRESENTS:

Robo Kids STEM