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Sierra Newell

Program and Facilities Manager

Sierra believes… “Your child’s developmental needs are being met when they are receiving unique innovative programs”. When learners are engaged in ways that inspires and motivates; they are taking baby steps towards greatness. “We’re preparing our children for the greatness they will meet on their journey “.

This belief is rooted in a foundation that she has based her life work on. Her belief has evolved from 12 years of experience working in early childhood with diverse learners. Sierra is the third generation of passionate educators. She was able to embrace this call because she was inspired both genetically and through great mentors.

Where ever I serve children; I have been intentional about creating a safe, caring, and thriving learning environment. And the needs of every learner has to be met by patient, creative, intentional teaching that believes all things are possible and you can…

Sierra is currently completing her early childhood degree with a concentration in psychology. She works each day to be relevant in an ever-changing educational system.

Sierra joined at the inception and she is some of the brains behind the vision. Her unwavering commitment has been instrumental in the development of the vision and mission of Sierra House and its subprograms.

Dorn Bennett- Simpson

Regional Program Manager and Lead Consultant

“It started with a plan, but by far exceeded beyond what was planned.” 

Dorn Simpson, Regional Program Manager and Lead Consultant, has over 20 years of experience in the field of education management. Since 2010, Dorn has been an independent educational consultant for Sierra House. As an educational consultant, program manager providing services to clients within the nonprofit social service industry; early, youth, family educational initiatives and workforce development has been her primary areas of expertise.

She is committed to the belief that each individual has a unique set of talents, abilities and interests that can be enriched and developed with the proper guidance.

Through day to day program management, she has peaked at managing operations and logistics, ongoing evaluation of program effectiveness, staff recruitment and student enrollment, the creation and improvement of procedures and capacity building. Her roles have required the creation and development of a variety of program models from inception to delivery; the success of these endeavors have been tied to a concentrated focus on collaborating with local businesses, developing strategic partnerships, and influencing stakeholders. 

Dorn believes “Understanding the community we serve, the complexities are many”. “WE must be prepared to deliver the resources that impact the whole child. Our children’s development and the quality of their future depends on receiving comprehensive educational services early on and throughout their educational career”… 

Committed to developing programs to help benefit a community; she keeps current on the latest trends and expectations in education.

Michelle O'Connor

Stem Coordinator

Who was the first scuba diver?
Who can make the strongest substance in the world?

Greetings future Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians!

My name is Michelle O’Connor and we’ll discover the answers to those questions and many more mysteries at Robo Kids STEM.

 I specialize in connecting STEM projects with nature
I am a STEM and STEAM instructor, curriculum designer, and environmental educator

Let’s discover the mysteries of nature and start creating inspiring projects!